A collaborative online exploration of our modern world through the humanities, wrapped in a bite-sized weekend experience. **LIVE 4-6 DEC 2020**

<aside> 🗄️ This is an archived landing page for the CHIP Weekender, which took place between 4-6 December, 2020. Want to learn more about how it went? Contact us 💌


The CHIP Weekender is a digital-native course for curious people interested in learning and growing as thoughtful inhabitants of our modern world, together.


Live, online, collaborative

Unlike most online courses, the Weekender doesn't revolve around pre-recorded lectures or live-but-passive webinars. Instead, the focus is on real-time interactive human learning — two-way listening, thoughtful conversation, and exploring meaty material with experienced and enthusiastic guides.


Exploration, liberal-arts-style

The Weekender is modeled after the essence of the liberal-arts college experience: engaging with broad-based perspectives and critical humanistic thinking on contemporary issues through interdisciplinary, discussion-based learning. Don't expect textbooks, tests, or job-focused skills.


A weekend trip for the mind

The Weekender is designed to be beginner-friendly and accessible. No need for degrees or academic backgrounds. Think of it as an excursion for your mind. Whether beginner or scholar, however, you'll want to come prepared — with solid content and rigorous approach (scalable to all levels), it's thinking caps required!


The Weekender Experience

Structured as a 48-hour 'learnathon', the Weekender will run from roughly 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday (Dec 4-6), with:

An overview of the Weekender experience

An overview of the Weekender experience

Solo + Social + Supported

The Weekender has been designed as a blend of both 'solo' and 'social' learning segments, with live support available all weekend.

Quests & Challenges: Choose Your Own

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